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Kitchen utensil

To crack an egg and separate the protein from the yolk isn't so easy. Therefore there is already a multiplicity of separation tools for eggs on the market.All these are functioning by following the same principle: at least one narrowing opening in a bowl or beaker leads to a guaranteed flow of the protein while the yolk is retained.However, every egg is unique copy of nature. Different are especially the weights (sizes) of the eggs. Here there are following classifications:

 Weight classSpecificationWeight
XLvery BigMinimum 73 g
LBig63 g - 73 g
MAverage53 g - 63 g
SSmallBelow 53 g

Also there is a different proportion between protein and yolk, a varying interconnection between both as well as variability of the density of protein and yolk. The consistence and thickness of the vitellin membrane is also different with every egg.

Neo-plastic therefore developed the solution with following goal:

  • Best separation quality of protein and yolk irrespective of the egg size
  • No egg residue at corners and edges (like trenched variations do have)
  • No danger of germ cultures because of egg residues
  • No bursting of the vitellin membrane around the yolk
  • Simplest handling for egg-separation 

The result is the egg-separator

To separate an egg following steps are needed:

To crack the egg

insert it into the separator

To incline the separator

protein flows off

the yolk remains

... will meet requirements of finest confectioners...