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Multi component longitudinal seals- and guidance

Neo-plastic together with a manufacturer of linear guidance developed an especially flat ball- circular carriage which can take high weigh. It is especially characterized through a complete sealing which can be reached with a plastic cage/stripper system. The functional integrity of cage, deflection and sealing carried out in multicomponent technology was our task.

The cage is built up of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide and therefore is especially rugged.
For the longitudinal wipers a thermoplastic elastomer is used which is resistant against lubricants and purifiers.

To meet the request of a technical optimal and permanent connection of both elements it is made positive locked and in material engagement. At the front and backside where the longitudinal wipers are intended to be the cage is provided with bridges. The softer component (the elastomer for the longitudinal wiper) washes around the bridges during injection and thereby connects positive locking with the hard component.
Beyond that both components are aligned to reach a interconnection of the material during processing.

The assembly with a two-component injection-moulding machine in a subscript plate tool benefits to the interconnection, because the hard component is still warm and active during being re-coated by the soft component.

Technical contribution