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Core values


Every human is unique in his person and with a unique ability and charisma.
We recognise this uniqueness and appreciate it. The way we associate and talk with each other shows our positive attitude to each other. We are helpful and open to each other at any time.


Every human being is free. We recognise this freedom. The cooperation of humans needs rules. We create these rules with the aim to leave a maximum of freedom to each other.
Each single person is responsible within his individual free decisions. At the same time she has the free space and welfare of the other in mind.


We are honest to others and us. We say what we like or not. We accept positive and negative criticism. We talk open about our own mistakes.

Creating values

We create values. We raise the value of our common enterprise, our company. Therefore we set goals. These goals are set, pursued and reached together. Creating values is base and result for our being – today and in the future.

Joy about change

The world and the frame conditions are changing faster. We know that we have to change continuously, too. We like to do so as single person and community. Not to develop further means to fall back. We create change active and not waiting as a reaction to it.