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Company principles

Basic requirement for a durable stable position at the market is an ambitious and customer orientated quality concept as well as an environmentally sound implementation.
Therefore we have company principles as supreme guidelines for our business activities.
These shall be an individual concern of every employee and serve as an orientation for every activity.

Customer satisfaction

Our supreme goal is a high degree of customer satisfaction through quality, competent counselling and adherence to schedules.  Therefore our customer defines the scale for our product’s quality. His judgement is vital. Through close cooperation and optimal counselling a high customer-corresponding quality level shall be reached.

Compliance to legal obligations

To facilitate compliance with legal guidelines as well as with the resulting internal guidelines is the foundation for a lasting company development and obligatory for us.

Employee commitment

Every employee is self-dependent for the quality of his work results. His personal quality and environmental awareness and the individual engagement do have essential influence on work results. Thus we request a high amount of awareness and commitment from every employee that is supported through professional training.
Using trustful and constructive communication personal skills from every employee shall show off to its best advance. This is an essential base for advancement and ongoing improvement of our management system.

Cost effectiveness and preservation of resources

Only a robust and healthy business company is capable to serve customer wishes optimal and on a continuing basis. Therefore we strive for financial and commercial success.
Especially all kinds of nonconformity costs have to be avoided.
We contribute to environment protection through economical use of resources, like the consumption of electrical power, heat, water and fossil fuel and resources, as well as avoidance of waste by integration into internal cycle of materials.


Effective measures to abolish causes of faults and to optimise processes within the company are primal goals as well as ongoing realisation of all kinds of improvement potentials. Especially the use of innovative technologies does have elemental meaning.