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Plastics retainer for ball bearings

Groove ball bearing

A very common type of roller bearings is the groove ball bearing. It is designed to take predominantly radial forces. Because the balls are tight to the ball race this bearing also absorbs smaller axial forces.


Inclined ball bearing

The one-row incline ball bearing takes axial forces in one direction and radial forces. Mostly it is installed in pairs and pre-stressed.
The two-row incline ball bearing corresponds to two one-row inclined ball bearings and is in both directions radial and axial highly stress able.


Cylinder ball bearing


The cylinder ball bearing has a high radial bearing capacity but is – depending on the structural form – not or very little resistant in axial direction. Rolling body of cylinder ball bearings are circular cylinders.


Needle bearing

A needle bearing has circular cylinder rolling bodies (needles) with very high lengths compared to the diameter of the rolling body. As a special form of a cylinder ball bearing it is very small in size and often used in gear mechanism and engines.


Spindle ball bearing   

Spindle ball bearings are particularly cylinder and incline ball bearings. Spindle units are installed in machine tools of different branches of industry. There they are a vital element of the machine because spindle units directly influence the quality of treatment.


Taper ball bearing  

The taper ball bearing is in radial as well as in axial direction highly stress able. Usually it is installed in pairs. The rolling body at the inner ring is in the shape of a truncated cone.
Common uses are in particular ball bearings for passenger cars and trucks.


Miniature ball bearing

We especially produce ball and needle bearings in very small sizes – from e.g. 2 to 17 mm bore diameter and 5 to 40 mm external diameter – as miniature ball bearing.



Heavy-duty ball bearings

Particularly ball and roller swing bearings with diameters starting from 100mm are called heavy-duty ball bearings.