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Product development

As an innovative development partner we use the positive characteristics of plastics.
Through new combinations of materials, fibre reinforcements and other additives, better capability characteristics of plastic moulded parts are generated. So, construction parts for example made from metal or other materials can be replaced by plastic solutions.

As a result high quality plastic-moulded parts for various applications are generated: 

  • Cases for electronical control systems for automobile industry
  • Plastic holders and guidance
  • As well as so called „cages“ for ball bearing industry

You will also find our products in engineering sector – for example:

  • Strippers / wipers
  • Sealing parts
  • Deflections
  • Tensioning idler
  • Protective caps and
  • Castors

Especially at the field of linear systems we do have a big expertise for

  • Rolling body deflections
  • Longitudinal seals
  • Transportation locks and
  • Header sealing